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by CATS***This is a lemon fanfic about the characters from the Fatal Fury. I
did not create any of the characters from this story so I have no hold
on them. If you are not old enough to read stories about sexually acts
between adults then read no further. I will gladly except any comments.
This story is strickly ficitional.*** Andy poured a glass of champagne into a two
glasses. He was happy that he decided to finally go "all the way" with
Mai. He walked over to the bed where she was sitting. She was wearing
a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Andy walked over to her in his silk
robe. He gave her the glass of champagne and sat down. Mai sat
nervously, knowing this was going to be free lolita nympho galleries her first time with Andy.
Andy's palms were sweating and he did not know what to say next. Mai
sipped from her glass and awaited the next move. Mai decided to make
the move and put her hand on Andy's thigh. He felt her hand and looked
into her brown eyes. He slowly leaned over to kiss her and the door
Andy cursed under his breath and went to the
door. He opened the door and Joe was standing there with nothing but a
towel wrapped around his waist. "UH sorry to bug you Andy but can I use
your shower. Mine is on the fritz again" he said. Andy was depressed
and said "Sure come on in". Joe entered the hotel room where he saw Mai
sitting on the bed. Joe looked at Andy and then Mai and got the idea.
"OH WOW! Geez I'm free lolita bondage pix sorry Andy. I see that you are kind of busy right
now! Hey Mai be careful with him will you!" Joe said. Mai blushed and
Andy slapped his head with his hand. "I'll come back at another time"
Joe said as he headed for the door. "No wait!" Mai called out. She
slowly approached Joe. She kissed him photobucket young nude lolitas passionately on the lips and
Andy's jaw dropped. "MAI!" he said in a rage. Joe began kissing Mai
and pulling off her shirt. Andy headed towards them to break it up.
"No wait Andy! If we are going to make this our first time, why not
make it between all three of us" Mai said. Andy looked at her confussed
and shocked. The idea made Joe's cock rock hard. Mai finished pulling
off her shirt and then began to unzip her pants. Andy was still shocked
and din't teen art porn lolitas know whether to stop her or help her. Joe went behind Mai and
unsnapped her bra. He slowly pulled off the black laced bra and threw
it to the floor. Joe moved in front of her and began to lick her
swelling nipples. Mai moaned as Joe helped her pull down her jeans.
Mai slipped her legs out of them and began to kiss Joe. She stopped
kissing him and walked over to Andy.
She slowly opened his robe and pulled it off.
Andy was wearing nothing under his robe and Mai began to feel the
length of his cock. He was at least 10 inches long. Joe walked over to
them and moved Mai out of the way. Joe slid his hands across Andy's
broad chest. He felt Andy's hardening nipples. Joe pinched each one
and moved down towards Andy's cock. Andy didn't know what was going on
but he was enjoying it. Joe knelt down and began kissing Andy's chest.
Andy moaned and let Joe lick his nipples. Joe moved slowly down to
Andy's penis. Joe, with one move took all of Andy's cock in his mouth.
He began licking all over the head of Andy's member. Andy groaned as
Joe licked the shaft of his cock. Joe moved up and down on the length
of his dick. He slowly kissed his piss slit and worked his way to
Andy's balls. Mai began pulling down her soaked panties. She was
getting wet watching the two boys in action. She stepped out of them
and walked to Andy. She kissed him on the mouth as Joe kept sucking
Andy's balls. She began kissing on Andy's neck, sucking on it. Andy
moaned and his knees began to give way. All this pleasure was making
him feel so good.
Joe stood to his feet and lead both of them to
the bed. He laid Andy down and told Mai to fuck him. Mai quickly
jumped on the bed and moved to Andy's prick. Joe got behind her and
slipped a finger in her wet cunt. She moaned and stopped her movement.
She began to move up and down on Joe's finger. She grunted as he put a
second finger in her pussy. Joe began rubbing on Mai's clit, parting
her lips. Mai moaned and sweated as she fucked Joe's fingers. Joe then
slipped his fingers out of her warm cunt. "Now fuck him!" he said in a
commanding voice. Mai got on top of Andy and placed his cockhead at the
opening to her pussy. She slowly pushed his dick in her, enjoying it
stretch the walls of her delicate pussy. She moaned and so did Andy as
they slowly fucked. Andy took hold of Mai's hips and began pumping her
on his cock. His 10 inches went as far as they could go in the ninja
girl's cunt. Mai relaxed and enjoyed feel of her boyfriend's cock
running the length of her wet pussy. Her juicies dripped from her pussy
onto his balls. Joe moved on the bed to Andy's chest. He got on top of
him and aimed his cock for Andy's mouth. Andy opened his eyes in
surprise and slowly opened his mouth. Joe forced his 8 inches into
Andy's mouth. He began fucking Andy's mouth as Mai was doing his dick.
Joe groaned as Andy sucked and licked his cock. Soon Mai climaxed all
over Andy's dick. Andy kept up the blowjob he was giving Joe. Joe
enjoyed the tongue action Andy was giving him. "I'm GONNA cum....."
Andy said as spurts of semen went into Mai.
Joe continued fucking his cock in Andy's mouth
until they heard a knock at the door. Mai got off the bed and ran to
the door. There stood Andy's brother Terry with nothing on but a hard
dick. He stood there with his at least 11 or 12 inch dick slapping his
stomach. young loli portal jap Mai greatfully let him in, where Terry saw his younger brother
giving Joe a blowjob. Joe put his head back and let out a huge roar as
he came in Andy's mouth. Andy was surprised and took as much of the cum
as little lolita panty model he could. He swallowed it and Joe got off of Andy. Terry walked
over to Andy and pulled on his dick. Andy began to get hard in his
older brother's hand. Terry began sucking all over Andy's dick as lolita top 100 pics Mai
walked back over to the bed. She got on Andy's chest and wiggled her
ass a little bit. She placed her cunt in Andy's face and he eagerly
shot his tongue in her. She screamed as Andy licked at her clit. He
licked all over her pussy as his brother contiued sucking his dick.
Soon Mai came in Andy's mouth as Andy came in his brother's mouth.
Terry stood up and pulled Mai off of Andy. He
laid her down next to Andy on the king sized bed. Her pussy was already
wet from Andy's tonguing so he easily placed his dick in her. She
moaned in pain, not ever being fucked by such a long penis. Terry
slowly went deeper in her, her pain turned into pleasure. Joe walked
over to the bed and Andy put him on the bed. Andy began licking Joe's
ass as he prepared to fuck him. Andy slowly aimed his dick for Joe's
ass. He slowly slid in him, making Joe call out for him to stop. Mai
and Terry were humping all over the teen art porn lolitas bed, with his dick fucking in and
out of her. The bed shook as Andy began to fuck Joe. Joe eased up
after awhile and enjoyed the sensations Andy was giving him. His own
dick was humping the bed as Andy fucked him. Soon Mai and Terry were
calling out as they both came. Not too much later was Andy cumming in
Joe and Joe cumming on the sheets. They all cleaned up and slept on the
bed together.

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